Produtos disponíveis apenas para clientes que residam na União Europeia. 

Custom Semi-Realistic Black & White Portrait (3D) - 1 person (DIGITAL ONLY)

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Portrait style characteristics

Semi-realistic portrait. Portraited person in black and white — except for the clothes, the accessories and/or the background. The background can be plain or decorated. Although it respects a specific style, you will be asked what colours and background would you like in yours.

If you are looking for a flat portrait instead, check out Custom Pop Art Portrait with Polka Dots Background & Striped Hair (2D)  ⟶  and Custom Black & White Flat Portrait with Full Black Hair (2D) ⟶

How your portrait will be created

Your digital portrait will be drawn and painted by hand, using a professional graphics tablet and a digital pen that allows drawing directly on the screen. To draw the portrait, a photo of the portraited person will be used as a reference. All portraits are custom made.

What you get

You will get a high-resolution image file (PNG and JPEG) in the size you ordered, saved at 300dpi, which is the maximum quality for printing. With these files, you will be able to print your portrait at any print shop with excellent quality or/and use it on your online project.

How to choose the reference photo

1. Keep in mind that the image you choose will be the only reference, so make sure the selected photo showcases the person's essence accurately.

2. Blurry, grainy, very small photos or photos that run Instagram filters will probably not have enough quality to be used as a reference, as details must be sharp and clear. You can send an email to confirm if the photo you have is adequate before completing your order.

3. If the one you submit as a reference doesn't have enough quality, you will be contacted by email to submit another photo.

4. You can submit more than one photo and in both black and white or colour.

How to complete your order

1. Choose the size you want your portrait to be. Sizes available fit both European and International standard frames that can be easily found in stores like Ikea, Leroy Merlin, JohnLewis, etc.

2. Complete the payment.

3. Send the reference photo(s) to, mentioning your order number.

4. You will be contacted shortly with a quick questionnaire to know your preferences (i.e. colours, background, patterns) and confirm if the photos you submitted are adequate.

5. You must send back the quick questionnaire complete and, if required, a new photo.

Only after these 5 steps, your portrait can be drawn.

Delivery time

Up to 10 working days after all the above 5 steps are complete.

Delivery method

Your portrait will be sent to you by email.

Returns & refunds

Due to the nature of this product, which is custom made, returns and/or refunds are not allowed.


All portraits are signed by the artist at the bottom.

Other questions

If you have any questions during this process, you are welcome to reach out by email.

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